Five black alloy temptations from Lorinser

As the days are getting longer, Mercedes and Smart drivers are only too happily tempted by the colour of the night: this is as Sportservice Lorinser is now also presenting a large share of its attractive light-alloy wheel collection in a fascinating dark look.

For example the single-piece Speedy (6.5×17 to 8.5×17 inch) designed for the Smart, shines with six diabolically brooding crescents in black paint. As a type MS light-alloy wheel it is also available in other dimensions, holes and bolt-hole patterns for Mercedes models
(7×17 to 8.5×18 inch).

But even a Lorinser classic like the RS 8 (8.5×19 to 10×21 inch) equipped with turbine blades looks good in a dark complexion. In a mat black surface finish it mutates into a “steam roller” which literally merges with tyres and tarmac and cannot be stopped by anything in its march forwards.

The multipiece RSK 6 (8.5×18 to 10×19 inch) draws attention to itself with its large and unequalled presence: a gigantic, five-pointed, shining black centre is surrounded by a polished flange. The two diverse shades offer different charms in proportion to the silver version.


The massive yet elegant “body” of the RS 9 with the spectacular triple brace particularly comes into its own in the bicolour look: here centre and outside in silver come up against mat black interior walls. In addition the wheel shines in an undreamt range of dimensions from 8×18 to 10×22 inch.

Consequently, with the Speedy, MS, RS 8, RSK 6 and RS 9, Sportservice Lorinser presents five expressive alloy arrangements which would even turn people of highest morals to the dark side. Particularly as each of the five alloys has completely different nuances and accents in accordance with its own character, and small cars, limousines, estate cars, sports or off-road vehicles are tuned with the thrilling touch of the bad boy.

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