Electronically Adjustable BRABUS Ride Control Suspension

Many owners of a Mercedes G-Class long for a smoother ride without compromising the high level of driving safety: The new innovative push-button Ride Control Suspension from BRABUS combines exceptional ride comfort with sporty handling and ample safety reserves.

The custom BRABUS Ride Control Suspension comprises newly developed gas-pressure shocks for front and rear axle that replace the production components. An elegant aluminum control switch, stylishly integrated into the center console in front of the shifter, lets drivers choose between ‘extra comfortable’ and ‘sporty comfortable’ damper settings.

The BRABUS Ride Control controller commands the electronically controlled valves in each shock absorber to switch to the selected mode and thus to dampen softer or firmer. Switching damper rates takes just five milliseconds and can be done while the vehicle is moving.


Upon engine start the system automatically pre-selects the last active setting prior to engine stop. The sport mode is indicated by a blue-illuminated selector switch.

The advantages of the innovative BRABUS suspension concept for the G-Class are apparent: In normal driving mode it provides notably higher ride comfort than the production car, which is especially beneficial at low speeds as well as on rough roads or in terrain. At higher speeds selecting the firmer sport damper settings offer more dynamic handling and further increased safety reserves.


The BRABUS Ride Control custom suspension is available for all Mercedes G-Class models regardless of body style from the G 350 CDI to the G 500 (US G550) and the G 55 AMG.

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