Complete tuning suite for Mercedes G-Model

For those drivers who cannot get used to the latest GL from Mercedes, it is possible to choose the predecessor, which has been constantly refined over the years from the product range of this Stuttgart-based automaker. For the all-terrain vehicle that is anything but obsolete, A.R.T. is offering a complete tuning suite that goes by the name of “PROGRAM463”. Everything from the exterior to the interior thru to the engine can be customized.

Absolute power!
A.R.T. boosts the performance of diesel and gasoline engines significantly. Leading the way is the A.R.T. performance kit “A55K” for the G 55 K. After optimizing the supercharger ratio and the engine management system, the engine’s output goes up from 350 kW (476 bhp) to an impressive 427 kW (580 bhp). The torque increases from 700 to 790 Nm. At the same time, A.R.T. also overrides the Vmax limit. As regards the gasoline engines, A.R.T. also takes account of the G 55 (performance boost by means of a supercharger to 324 kW/ 440 bhp and 597 Nm) and G 500 (also with a supercharger: 296 kW / 402 bhp; 683 Nm).

In terms of the diesels, thanks to A.R.T. DieselPower, the power classes 215 kW / 293 bhp (G 400 CDI, 624 Nm), 192 kW / 261 bhp (G 320 CDI, 600 Nm) and 141 kW / 192 bhp (G 270 CDI, 468 Nm) are possible.

G-Class Interior Tuning

The exhilarating sound is produced by the A.R.T. sports exhaust system with four 80 mm diameter tailpipes, which protrude at an angle beneath the running boards. For vehicles up to model year 11/2000, this task is undertaken by a system with two tailpipes.

Sophisticated and sporty appearance

A.R.T. adorns the classic angular original shape of this Mercedes classic with a number of components that blend perfectly into the design of this all-terrain vehicle. For instance, A.R.T. fits a front spoiler that incorporates an additional two main-beam headlamps and fog lamps in the form of the A.R.T. dual-integrated xenon lights (upper beam: xenon/fog: halogen; alternatively halogen/halogen). An air inlet in the front spoiler ensures optimized cooling of the oil sump. In addition, it features an underride protection guard made from mirror-finished stainless steel. The “G” cuts an even mightier figure thanks to the A.R.T. fender flares with illuminated running boards, which are particularly useful in poorly lit places such as underground garages and of course at night. Fitting these makes the G-Model 40 mm wider on each side. Designed for installation in the original trim strips are the A.R.T. stainless steel inlays, which lend the vehicle an even more sophisticated look. A.R.T. has also enhanced the lighting technology, which it has achieved with the aid of A.R.T. Premium High bi-xenon lights (from model year 11/2006; earlier A.R.T. Xenon Premium, Xenon clear or DE-Halogen Premium). In addition, A.R.T. installs an automatic headlamp range adjustment system.

This is by no means all the tuning suite from A.R.T has to offer. Whether we are talking about protective grilles for the front indicators, a cable winch (up to 4100 kg pulling power), a front wind deflector, various trim strips, chrome trimmings for the air intakes, new rear lamps, front and rear bumpers, headlamp protection grilles, a brush guard, a roof spoiler, parking assist, underride protection or a different engine hood, A.R.T. offers an extensive product range for customizing the body.

22 inch wheels “monoART 1”

The G-Model owes its new look to a large extent to the A.R.T. “monoART1” wheel rim in a 10×22 inch design, which is usually fitted as part of complete sets of wheels. This 10-spoke wheel rim is available in a stylish TITANIUM finish. A.R.T. also, however, offers its customers a range of different finishes. The wheel rim is fitted with size 285/35-22 tires.

As an alternative, A.R.T. also offers the rim in the sizes 8.5x 18 and 10×20 inch. The brand-new rim design “monoART2” will also be available shortly in a 20 inch version.

To reinforce the suspension, A.R.T. is offering different shock absorbers, while export customers are offered the refinement of an A.R.T. sports suspension or, alternatively, sports springs.

Luxurious interior

Like the exterior, A.R.T. styles the interior of the Mercedes G-Model highly individually. For instance, from the basic leather upholstery and trim through to the complete outfitting of various interior components (such as the center console) with leather, the generous use of fine wood and carbon-fiber trims through to curtain systems and carpets, there is just about everything to make long journeys a pleasant experience. It is also possible to change the color design of the interior. For example, A.R.T. offers components such as handles and fascias in the form of “Blue Eye” wood appointments.

G-Class Interior Tuning

Sporty flair is produced by the ergonomically shaped A.R.T. sports steering wheel with perforated grips. The steering wheels are available in the combinations leather/fine wood and leather/carbon fiber. Upon request, A.R.T. will also of course install tailor-made multimedia and hi-fi systems. If need be, it is possible to equip all the door openings with blue-illuminated A.R.T. door sill trims. Also available: individual seats for the back plus armrests, a center console and storage console in the center of the rear footwell. There is no shortage of special accessories, either. Blue flashing lights (for high security vehicles), a siren, an auxiliary heater and an intercom system for talking with the windows closed and for listening to the outside sound go to complete the extensive A.R.T. tuning suite.

A.R.T. tuning

Needless to say, the A.R.T. team does not restrict itself to the tuning suite described above. For drivers who wish customize their “G” in their own individual way, the A.R.T. team will gladly cater to any additional requests and, what is more, to the same highly professional standard.

Further information on the comprehensive A.R.T. tuning suite is available online at

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