Carlsson Wheel 1/14 RS

Just right for the start of the new season, Carlsson internationally introduces another design masterpiece: The new light alloy wheel 1/14 RS. This precious piece of aluminium picks up the trend of black wheels and therefore features a black finish combined with a finely turned, silvery surface.

Following the tradition of Carlsson, this wheel of course stands out in terms of design and workmanship. The aim of the Carlsson engineers with the Carlsson wheel was to develop a sporting wheel which is comparatively light and yet of high strength. The multi-spoke design of the wheel 1/14 RS is the perfect solution for a weight-optimized wheel.

The new light alloy wheel 1/14 RS: not only aesthetic, but also technically sophisticated – characteristic for Carlsson

The power which affect the wheel is optimally led into the wheel spider by the uniform distribution of the 14 spokes. In this way an overdimensioned wall thickness can be avoided and a minor weight of the wheel can be reached. Low weight means lower unsprung masses and notedly better driving dynamics. Another important benefit is the excellent brake ventilation, which results in improved braking characteristics.

The Carlsson wheel 1/14 RS is available in the dimensions 8.5 and 9.5 x 19″ for the Mercedes C Class (W204), SLK, CLS, E Class and CLK models.

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