Carlsson presents the CML Royale REVOX

The Royale REVOX edition of Carlsson’s CML makes it’s world premiere at the 2013 Geneva Auto Salon. Combining an elegant aerodynamic package, a powerful drivetrain, and agile handling with an exquisitely tailored interior.

Carlsson’s aerodynamic package for the Mercedes ML creates a more purposeful and confident look for the CML Royale REVOX, with wider wheel arches emphasising the sporty side of this SUV.

The front spoiler and chrome-plated grille with the Carlsson horse symbol give the car a more aggressive face, with LED daytime running lights that can also be operated as running lights at night. These, and the extra fog and driving lights give the car a distinctive look, day or night.

At the rear, a new apron features cutouts for the four oval tailpipes of the sports exhaust. All Carlsson aero parts are manufactured from high-quality PUR-RIM, and are straightforward to paint and fit.


The by performance upgrades offered by Carlsson actually end up at 625hp and 840Nm of torque, which enables an acceleration of 4,4 s from 0-100km/h and an electronically limited topspeed of 300km/h on on base of the Mercedes-Benz ML63 (500hp and 680Nm of torque on Base of the ML500, 4,6 s from 0-100km/h and an electronically limited top speed of 270km/h).

In addition to increased output for all the Mercedes petrol and diesel engines, performance, Carlsson improves the handling of the CML with its intelligent lowering C-Tronic ® SUSPENSION which can be upgraded with a Carlsson WLAN control unit for individual suspension configuration via an Carlsson application for iPhones, Pads, Pods

Apart from lowering the ride height by 30 mm, reducing roll and pitching in bends, this intelligent system measures the road parameters in relation to the vehicle, altering the suspension rate in milliseconds to optimise handling and ride comfort on poor roads.


The CML uses 22-inch diameter alloy wheels in Carlsson’s five-spoke Diamond Edition 1/5 Revo 2 design. This elegant one-piece alloy wheel came out of the seemingly conflicting needs of a high load capacity, yet low mass to reduce unsprung weight. They are fitted with 295/30 ZR22 Vredestein high-performance tyres.

The craftsmen in Carlsson’s upholstery department created a very special, hand-finished Carlsson Signature Line interior for the CML Royale REVOX in a subtle two-tone dark grey and black. While almost every surface has been covered with high quality soft Carlsson Nappa Exclusive leather, the centre of the seats, door inserts and the floor mats feature a double overlapping woven stitch pattern. This distinctive look is also featured on the centre section of the roof lining, but in Alcantara, and creates more than the usual level of visual interest. Nearly six kilometres of threat were used in the creation of this special interior.


Polished stainless steel doorsill plates with an illuminated Carlsson logo, Carlsson logos embossed into the headrests, Alcantara, dark wood and stainless steel inserts, and alloy pedals are the finishing touches.

Another surprise on the Carlsson stand is the debut of a well-known high-end studio and domestic audio brand to the automotive world. For many years, the REVOX name has been associated with professional studio recording equipment, and high-end domestic audio.

Carlsson are proud to present a true audiophile experience in this CML, with a bespoke audio system designed around REVOX electronics and speakers.

The core of the system is built into the extra storage compartment under the boot floor, and so does not compromise the normal loading area. This takes the signal from the Mercedes head-unit and runs it through a DSP unit on its way to a 7-channel power amplifier with 6 x 120 W RMS output for the three way speakers, and 1 x 350 Watt RMS for the sub-woofer. In the front doors, a separate 19mm tweeter and 2.5-inch mid-range unit are located in a bespoke triangular shaped housing built into the window fillet of the A-pillars, with a 6.5-inch mid-bass driver in the OE speaker positions. The rear doors use a 6.5-inch mid-bass driver in the OE speaker housings.

A pair of 30cm diameter subwoofers, one powered, the other passive, provide the deep bass to underpin the music. The system has been carefully calibrated using computer-based professional test equipment to optimise the sound field primarily for the driver.

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