Carlsson-design 1/5 Evo DS

Carlsson, the automobile manufacturer specialised in Mercedes-Benz, has advanced the successful Carlsson Design 1/5 and presents the deluxe sportive aluminium wheel 1/5 Evo DS.

With the new design line DS (Dark Series), Carlsson follows the two-tone trend with the contrast colour black for a superb appearance. The cast, one-piece wheel 1/5 Evo DS impresses with its shiny black lacquer and the glazed finished silver surface. The outer rim is left out on purpose and therefore, the wheel looks larger.

The imprints on the 5 spokes in shiny black are exceptionally beautiful and harmonically enhance the wheel. The interplay between the precious finish, the special choice of colour and the outer rim design render the unique Carlsson Design.

The light alloy wheel 1/5 Evo is available in 9 x 21” and 10.5 x 21” for the Mercedes models S-class, CL-coupé and GLK-class and starts at 772.30 euros. Of course, all wheels are delivered with a general operating licence.

For more information about the latest design line Dark Series and the exclusive refining programme for Mercedes-Benz automobiles by Carlsson, please visit the web site

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