The most imposing vehicle in the Mercedes-Benz range is the GL Class. Despite its robust nature, this all-terrain vehicle is also distinguished by an ambience that captivates S Class drivers. The impression of luxury given can be refined even more at Carlsson in the southwest German town of Merzig.

The GL 500 promises a good combination of long-range ability and excellent performance. As the CK50 by Carlsson, however, it surpasses its standard counterpart by far in terms of power, speed and luxury.

In a class of its own: Carlsson CK50 engine kit
Developed by Carlsson especially for the GL, the CK50 engine kit accelerates not only the driver’s pulse but also the elegant automobile in just 6.1 seconds from 0 to 100 km/h. No less impressive is the engine output after being given the Carlsson treatment: the tuned V8 develops 435 bhp / 320 kW (standard 388 bhp / 285 kW) at 6000 rpm coupled with 600 Nm of torque at 2800-4800 rpm. Top speed according to Carlsson is 248 km/h.

Stainless steel double tail pipes
The goose bumps generating sound of the CK50 is released through four oval Carlsson-tail pipes. At the same time, they help the corpulent rear of this offroader look notedly more individual and sporty for a long time. Because the used material, namely stainless steel, withstands the most adverse environmental conditions.

C-Tronic® SUSPENSION electronic lowering kit
Exclusively for the GL 500, Carlsson offers the C-Tronic® SUSPENSION electronic lowering kit that reduces the ride height of the vehicle by approx. 35 mm. Drivers can be sure that lowering the car gives it a significantly more sporting look.

The C-Tronic® SUSPENSION not only lowers the centre of gravity but also, thanks to the sophisticated technology, interacts intelligently with the road surface. On poor roads on which the suspension has to work hard, the car’s ride height is automatically adjusted to ensure the spring travelling remaining is sufficient for constant ride comfort. Drivers notice the effects of the C-Tronic® lowering via a reduced tendency to roll and considerably more agile handling. In other words, the C-Tronic® SUSPENSION also stands for greater driving pleasure. Additionally, the C-Tronic® SUSPENSION ensures that, even at speeds in excess of 120 km/h, the car is not lowered beyond the standard minimum ride height thus ensuring sufficient compression travel for the suspension. An incidental effect of lowering the car is a reduction in air resistance and lift because less air flows beneath the car.

carlsson mercedes ck50

carlsson mercedes ck50

For a perfect finish: 2/11 BE
The aim of the Carlsson engineers with the 2/11 BE was to develop a sporting and elegant wheel which is comparatively light and yet of high strength. The multi-spoke design of the wheel 2/11 is the perfect solution for a weight-optimized wheel. The power which affect the wheel is optimally led into the wheel spider by the uniform distribution of the 11 spokes. In this way an overdimensioned wall thickness can be avoided and a minor weight of the wheel can be reached. Another important benefit, especially in the case of bigger cars, is the excellent brake ventilation, which results in improved braking characteristics.

The 2/11 BE is offered with the unique surface-finish combination ‘Brilliant Edition’. The juxtaposition of a highly polished rim base and a brilliantly painted centre underlines the elegant design of the new Carlsson light-metal wheel. In the Mercedes-Benz tuning sector this combination of two different surface finishes can only be found exclusively at Carlsson and makes this wheel an inimitable accessory. Carlsson offers the wheel in 10 x 22“ with 305/35 22 tyres.

Wheel 1/11 Evo BE
The design of the Carlsson 1/11 Evo BE is a further development of the tried, tested and popular 1/11 BE wheel. With the new wheel, Carlsson has once again confirmed that the company’s claim that a wheel should not only have a visual impact but also offer technical benefits, e.g., that it is as light as possible.
For the GL-Class, Carlsson offers its 11-spoke wheel 1/11 Evo BE in the dimensions 10×22“ with 295/35 ZR tyres.

Elegance with a high comfort factor
Anyone familiar with Carlsson knows that the Merzig-based automobile specialists have a fine sense for luxury. Carlsson uses only top-quality parts and materials. No matter whether the finest nappa leather, combinations of Alcantara and leather, multi-media conversions or appointments in carbon and precious wood, Carlsson converts and individualises every GL in accordance with the customer’s wishes. Customer satisfaction has the highest priority. Get in, feel at home and drive off – Carlsson turns every GL into a mobile wellness zone.

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