Carlsson CD32

For all off-road enthusiasts the famous Mercedes-Benz tuner Carlsson is offering a complete tuning package, which clearly, if tastefully, underlines the modern features of the M-Class. Big, voluminous yet still sporty, with its performance tweaked to 269 bhp and a potent torque, and combining this with a touch of luxury, the CD 32 based on the ML 320 CDI always cuts a fine figure both in the countryside and in the metropolitan jungle.

Carlsson performance Kit C-Tronic® Diesel POWER
It is easy to be seen that this SUV needs plenty of power. In other words, there is a lot of weight that has to be moved. Hence, drivers of the ML 320 CDI will certainly appreciate the power of 269 bhp/198 kW. According to Carlsson, a maximum torque of 612 Nm is generated at 1800 rpm.

Carlsson attaches great importance to safety and reliability: correction maps ensure that reserves of the engine are only used when the temperature is in the safe operating zone. The straight-forward installation of the supplementary control unit, which is possible through Carlsson´s adapter system, is also interesting for the customer to avoid long waiting times. Thanks to the plug-and-play capability, it can be installed quite quickly and, if required, can also be rebuilt.

Stainless steel silencers with twin oval tailpipes each
The rear view of the CD32 is dominated by the four tailpipes of the Carlsson sports rear silencers, which not only give out an impressive, sonorous, sporty sound, but are also optimised, in comparison with the standard version, in terms of exhaust back pressure and gas conduction, and thus contribute to the achievement of greater torque and improved performance. The design of the tailpipes offers a significant practical advantage: they are double-walled, i.e. thermally insulated and, in addition, optimised in terms of air flow, thus guaranteeing less external dirt.

Electronic suspension lowering C-Tronic® SUSPENSION

Greater ride comfort in all situations
By means of the electronic lowering system C-Tronic® SUSPENSION, the centre of gravity of the vehicle is lowered by up to 40 mm. This results in a sporty look and better handling of the vehicle because of the limitation of roll. A further advantage of the improved aerodynamics, which are achieved by the lowering of the suspension, is the reduction in the front profile of the vehicle. This results in a higher top speed and better fuel consumption, particularly in the case of off-road vehicles. Whilst usual lowering systems for vehicles with electronic suspension confine themselves to lowering the centre of gravity of the vehicle, the innovative technology of the C-Tronic® SUSPENSION allows for automatic intelligent interaction with road conditions. On poor road surfaces and in response to the persistent spring deflection, which they cause, the lowering effect is automatically attenuated in order to ensure the appropriate spring travel required for the most comfortable ride.

Elegance for the adventurous
Even in its unmodified form, the ML 320 CDI is visually impressive with its interplay of strongly contoured panels and taut lines. The Carlsson design of the aerodynamic components lends support to the sovereign character of the new M-Class but at the same time gives it a sportier feel. The front spoiler and the lip on the rear skirt appear with the characteristic Carlsson ‘diffuser look’.

Wheel 1/11 Evo Brilliant Edition
The design of the Carlsson 1/11 Evo BE is a further development of the tried, tested and popular 1/11 BE wheel. With the new wheel, Carlsson has once again confirmed that the company’s claim that a wheel should not only have a visual impact but also offer technical benefits, e.g., that it is as light as possible.
For the ML-Class, Carlsson offers its 11-spoke wheel 1/11 Evo BE in the dimensions 11×22“ with Dunlop SP Sport 9000 285/30 R22 tyres.

Mercedes ML

Luxurious interior ambience
The interior design also fulfils the expectations aroused by the CD32 when approaching the car. Only the very best materials have been used for the interior appointments of the CD32. A combination of Alcantara and leather make the passenger compartment an inviting and pleasant place to be, even on very long journeys. With the ergonomic Carlsson sports steering wheel in leather / Alcantara or leather / wood, the driver can be sure of always having the car under control in a particularly pleasant way. Pedals made from aluminium add a sporty touch. Illuminated door exit lights show the way into a world of luxury and genuine atmosphere.

Naturally, there are no limits on customer wishes when it comes to individual fittings and appointments for the car.

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