The SL 63 AMG is hardly to be over-bid in puncto sportyness in its class. No matter how one looks to the changes, with the INDEN Design Black Saphire change kit was added now in optics and performance a generous portion of driving fun. This vehicle is an unusual concept – already at first sight the Black Saphire convinces of INDEN with a Design, which connects and to an unmistakable overall view leads futuristic and sporty elements in such a way.

The productionquality of the body components and their fitting accuracy are here excellent. To the body equipment belongs a front spoiler bumper, which slides perfectly along the body and which supports the look again. Thus not yet enough: there are fenders with ventilation openings, a complete hood with air intakes, sidesmolder-learn, to examine a tail apron with diffuser, a tailspoiler as well as rear widenings.


The body kit has a value of 19.900 euro for additional 3,500 euros you can get a hood, for 800 euros the tail diffuser in carbon and for 999 euros a front Flap of PE in addition.

The assembly of the body parts and the various adjustment work is separately calculated with 8,000 euros and the lacquer finish inclusive putty work with 7,500 euros.


Thus INDEN Design proves the experience in the body area again and successfully uses the know-how.

Now the SL goes into a new round, because after the vehicle was outwardly revised, also new for example the sharpened wheel set.

A further important contribution to the exclusive optics and performance makes the multipart Black Saphire light alloy wheels (13,200 euros inclusive sport tires) in 20 inch.


These were installed in the quantity 11×20 inch and 13×20 inch with 275/30 R20 and 325/25 R20 high speed tire of Dunlop.

So that the driver can also use the required potential, a modified controlling (1,550 euros inclusive installation) of the ABC chassis makes a sinking for the body possible.

Starting from 70km/h the chassis will be raised around 20mm for improvement of comfort and values of axlegeometry.

The full package is completed with a back driving camera (900 euros), day driving lights (420 euros) and suitable Black Saphire high-grade steel exhaust embellishers (1,200 euros).


When desired an increase in output on 560 HP and 670Nm can be accomplished with INDEN Design. As another extra INDEN Design worries also around the adornment of the interior.

For an adequate environment to feel good in the interior provides individual leather equipment, exclusive accessories for the cockpit and when desired also a Multimedia system.

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