BILSTEIN Unveil New Damper Range For Mercedes W205 C-Class 4MATIC

The Mercedes C-Class is now more than just a car, it’s a full blown automotive institution and something of an icon. The latest generation is the W205, a machine that’s proved predictably popular thanks to its massive range, one that includes the four-wheel drive 4MATIC variant, and a model that BILSTEIN has just unveiled a specially developed range of dampers for; the B6, the B8 and for those that demand the last word in chassis sophistication, the B16.

BILSTEIN’s much vaunted B6 range of dampers has been expanded to include a number of popular German cars, the W205 being a case in point. Benefiting from the German concern’s decades of experience designing and manufacturing world-class suspension products for some of the finest OE concerns around, BILSTEIN’s B6 dampers are the ideal choice for those C-Class owners keen to polish the handling traits of their cars. Dampers in the B6 range boast increased damping power thanks to their mono-tube/Upside-Down layout and gas pressure technology, both of which are BILSTEIN calling cards, yet still manage to retain the polished, forgiving traits synonymous with factory suspension setups.

BILSTEIN B8 dampers are specially shortened, meaning that they’re ideally suited for use with equally short, performance orientated lowering springs, with those from Eibach, one of BILSTEIN’s close partners, being the clear favourites for the vast majority of applications. The benefits of utilising B8’s with lowering springs are clear to see, with the shortened bodies of the former allowing sporting springs to be utilised effectively and for optimal suspension travel to be maintained, and with no need to compromise on ride or comfort.

Aside from the technological benefits associated with plumping for BILSTEIN hardware, W205s fitted with B6 and B8 dampers will feel far sharper when driven in anger, their myriad traits leading to more precise and entertaining handling.

Last but by no means least, we have the B16 range, ideal for those that intend on driving their W205s in an aggressive, committed manner. The ability to toggle between the 10 pre-arranged settings (including both bump and rebound) by simply twisting a dial means that they can be tweaked to suit the individual requirements of a specific car, while the threaded bodies offer an adjustment range of 20mm at both axles, along with lowering of approximately 30mm (front) and 50mm (rear). All B16 coilovers feature BILSTEIN’s highly regarded gas-pressure and mono-tube upside-down technology, plus carefully wound springs, the latter specially developed specifically for the all-wheel drive version of the latest C-Class.

Those with rear-wheel drive versions of the W205 are just as well served, BILSTEIN able to supply tailored versions of all the kits above, plus the B12 Pro-Kit, the B14 coilover kit, and soon the legendary Clubsport kit, available exclusively for the fire-breathing C63 AMG. It highlights both BILSTEIN’s commitment to making the jewel in the Mercedes range handle in a manner previously not thought possible, and the firm’s undeniable level of expertise.

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