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Vogtland perfects the E-class suspension

November 6, 2009 | 0 Comments

Safety is one of the Mercedes-Benz domains. With active and passive systems, the automobile manufacturer from Stuttgart has made its mark from the beginning. With its lowering springs, the suspension specialist Vogtland additionally increases the driving safety of the new E-class. Due to the Vogtland springs, the new Mercedes E-class (type W 212) is 35...

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The new E-Class as a top-class Lorinser

October 14, 2009 | 1 Comments

The popular luxury car from Mercedes Benz already has six decades of model history behind it. It was only natural for Sportservice Lorinser, a company with long tradition, to take on the type W212 limousine with special devotion. The result is an optical and technical masterpiece, which is available from now. The world-renowned four-eyed face...

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Brabus Mercedes-Benz E-Class Coupe

September 23, 2009 | 0 Comments

Making the new Mercedes E-Class coupe even sportier and more exclusive is the goal of the extensive tuning program from BRABUS ( The pinnacle of the available performance tuning is the BRABUS 6.1 displacement engine. It has a rated power output of 462 hp (456 bhp) / 340 kW and propels the E 500 (US:...

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More power, more luxury and more individuality

September 8, 2009 | 0 Comments

The most dynamic business limousine by Mercedes-Benz is the E 63 AMG. The company AMG which is located in Affalterbach skilfully combines 525 hp (386 kW) with very luxurious interior equipment. But for Carlsson this was neither dynamic nor luxurious enough. The automobile manufacturer from Merzig / Saarland presents the new E-CK63 RS based on...

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Brabus Mercedes E-Class Coupe

May 20, 2009 | 2 Comments

The new Mercedes E-Class Coupe just went on sale and BRABUS already presents an extensive tuning program for the new two-door. The pinnacle of the available performance tuning is the BRABUS 6.1 displacement engine. It has a rated power output of 462 hp (456 bhp) / 340 kW and propels the E 500 (US: E550)...

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Fast limousine and a dream of a Coupé

April 22, 2009 | 1 Comments

Regarding the new E-Class, Sportservice Lorinser has two red-hot irons in the fire. Both are out to scorch the tarmac on their first “appearance” and to bring a twinkle to the eyes of the passengers. The newly-tuned type W212 E-Class Limousine has already been finished. For the first time in 13 years, Mercedes will again...

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BRABUS Tuning for the new Mercedes E-Class

March 29, 2009 | 0 Comments

Concurrent with the market launch of the new Mercedes E-Class of the W 212 model series, BRABUS presents an exclusive tuning program for the new sedan. Highlights in the product lineup are the BRABUS 6.1 displacement engine with 462 hp (456 bhp) / 340 kW for the E 500 (E550 in the US), a sporty...

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Concurrent with the market introduction of the newly updated version of the Mercedes E-Class BRABUS already offers an extensive tuning program for all E-Class models. Just as unique as the extensive program is the BRABUS Tuning Warranty of three years or up to 100,000 kilometers (see BRABUS warranty conditions as of June 2003). BRABUS offers...

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