AEZ Nemesis for the Mercedes CL

Regardless of whether it is the 300 S Coupé from 1952 or the current CL: The large Mercedes coupés have always played a special role, when it comes to exclusivity, elegance and prestige and have always been among the leaders in automobile engineering design.

One of the few light metal wheels that it can accept with this high standard, is the AEZ Nemesis. Its titanium-coloured rim star with the five three-dimensionally formed spokes and the 20 screw connections convey an incomparable presence and excitement, thereby also underlining the dynamic selfimage of the most recent coupé generation by Mercedes.

Just as with the Stuttgart-based automobile manufacturer, “high class workmanship” and precious materials also count for a great deal with AEZ. Nemesis is therefore not cast, but rather, it is produced in high-quality forging technology. The degree of material density achieved with this keeps the weight low and nevertheless ensures a high degree of stability. A must with a heavy and simultaneously so fast and agile vehicle as the CL, which has performance of between 388 and 612 HP, as standard. Furthermore, the high-tech character of the AEZ Nemesis is underlined by the anodised surface, which dispenses with a sensitive, clear varnish layer. Perfection, which inspires and is available for the current generation of the Mercedes CL Coupé in 8.5 and 9.5 x 19 inches, as well as 8.5 and 9.5 x 20 inches.

AEZ Nemesis 2

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