Adaptive KW DDC coilover kit compatible with Mercedes-Benz electronics

The adaptive KW DDC Plug&Play coilover kit is now available for selected Mercedes-Benz automobiles. The strong advantage over conventional sports suspensions: the KW DDC coilover kit is compatible with the electronics of the Mercedes-Benz Agility Control suspension and allows for a German TÜV compatible lowering up to 55 millimeters. So the driver of a C-class (Sedan, Coupé) and E-class (Convertible and Coupé) keeps using the original series controls to switch between the selective Agility Control modes, gaining considerably in dynamics through the adaptive KW DDC Plug&Play coilover kit. During installation, the series struts are simply exchanged against the ready mounted KW struts in „inox line“ stainless steel finish. Modifications of the electronics are not necessary, due to the compatibility.


Mercedes-Benz vehicles with Agility Control suspension could not be lowered previously without relinquishing the Mercedes-Benz comfort features. „Who wanted a conventional sports suspension had to de-activate the series suspension control“, explains KW-product manager Johannes Wacker. With the KW DDC Plug&Play coilover kit for the recent Mercedes-Benz C-Class (W204, Coupé and Limousine) and E-Class (W207, Convertible and Coupé) this does not apply any more. The compatibility feature allows for a simple exchange of the series struts against the KW coilover kit. „Subsequently the KW plugs are being connected to the original Mercedes plugs and that’s that for the installation of the electronics.“


The Mercedes-series switch is used to select the driving mode as usual. Of course, the damper characteristics of the DDV coilover kit shows a KW-typical sports attitude. In comfort mode the suspension control adapts the damper setting automatically to the speed and manages a perfect driving experience in any situation. “In comfort mode we put an emphasis on harmonic suspension in conjunction with the lowering, comparable to the series”, Johannes Wacker continues. “Many tests on the Nordschleife, Autobahn, country roads and setting-sessions at our 7-post-rig have optimized our sports-characteristics to cover a considerably more dynamic range”.


For drivers of a C-Class Coupé (W204 series) the KW DDC Plug&Play coilover kit can lower their Mercedes-Benz within the German TÜV approved range between 10 – 40 millimeters on the front axle. The rear axle takes 10 – 50 Millimeters. For the C-Class Limousine the TÜV approved range for the continuous lowering is 30-50 Millimeters at the front and 20 – 50 Millimeters at the rear. The TÜV approved setting range with the E-Class (W207 series, Convertible and Coupé) at the front axle permits continuous lowering of 20-45 Millimeters and 15 – 45 Millimeters at the drive axle. The height adjustment is made at the dirt-resistant trapezoid thread on the stainless steel strut respectively via the KW spring perch for the rear axle adjustment. The adaptive KW DDC „Plug & Play“ coilover kits are now available for the C-Class and E-Class.

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