A new international marketplace for luxury cars

Luxyauto.com is a uniformly styled and easy to navigate online marketplace with an attractive graphic design. The site deals solely with new and used cars costing €50,000 or more. Each object is presented with a comprehensive set of professional pictures, offering interested parties a good impression of the overall state and condition of the car.

Luxyauto.com is a European advertising forum presented in six languages.The concept provides an extremely effective tool for anyone who deals in exclusive cars and who has a desire to communicate with a well-informed audience possessing considerable purchasing power.

Interview for free publication with Mr. Christer Olausson – Founder of Luxyauto.com

Why did you decide to establish the Luxyauto.com marketplace?

“Having studied the advertising of vehicles for sale on the Internet we were of the opinion that there is currently no dedicated advertising site focussed on exclusive cars,” explains Mr. Christer Olausson, founder of Luxyauto.com. “At the moment, all those parties active in the market offer a broad range of objects for sale, and all these objects are presented in a similar way, irrespective of the price class.” To reinforce his point, Mr. Olausson shows a few examples on the computer. The approach is similar on all the sites – most of the cars are marketed with highly dubious pictures. “One should focus on what one knows – car salespeople should sell cars, not act as photographers. I don’t know of any other industry working with capital goods or services that accepts such amateur photography.” It is for this reason that Mr. Olausson and his colleagues decided to develop Luxyauto.com, a concept designed especially for cars in the €50,000+ price class.

“Of course, we understand that it would be a hopeless task to try to offer such a service across the board, which is why Luxyauto.com distinguishes between exclusive offerings and traditional ones. In our opinion, cars in the luxury segment should be marketed in a graphically attractive environment with a solid presentation and professional graphic material.” In order to illustrate this point, Mr. Olausson picks out a range of advertising material from a number of industries – a travel advertisement with fantastic pictures of a holiday paradise in the Maldives, a property advertisement using images of a designer house on the waterfront taken from airy and attractive angles, and a credit card advertisement showing the portrait of a happy couple toasting with champagne glasses against the beautiful backdrop of a sunset. “As you can see, graphic material is of crucial importance, as we choose to take a closer look at advertisements that attract our attention visually.” According to Mr. Olausson, the principle is no different when it comes to the car industry.

He points to three crucial issues that lead to successful sales: Does the car in the picture represent the buyer’s wishes? Does the car in the picture appear to justify its price? Is the car in the picture attractive enough to induce the buyer to contact the salesperson? “There is a good reason behind the car industry putting so much time and money into marketing and presenting new models and accessories. Consumers who intend to acquire capital goods or services with status always have higher expectations, as they take for granted that the exposure and service provided will be in line with the price and the product.” Taking this into account, the philosophy and structure of the Luxyauto.com marketplace seems well thought-out. Mr. Olausson has a point when he says that there is a considerable difference when one navigates amongst clear and well-managed graphic material.

The question is – why launch this service in times such as these?

“We know, from sources such as dealers within the car industry, that the customer group for more exclusive cars is not especially sensitive to economic cycles. The most important issue is to market oneself in the right way now when buyers gain access to a considerably greater choice of objects.

In order to allow salespeople to reap the greatest benefit from the Luxyauto.com marketing initiative, we also supply a customer gallery so that dealers can integrate images in their own websites.” It is obvious that Mr. Olausson has a clear view of how he should manage and develop the business. If, for example, one takes a look at the Stockholm Porsche Center website (www.porsche-stockholm.se) and searches amongst second-hand cars in the Luxy.se gallery, one can quickly see the huge difference and the solid overall impression given by the superior presentation of objects.

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