The 2014 Mercedes Benz S63 with Vossen 22″ CVT wheels

This 2014 Mercedes-Benz S63 AMG has a set of Vossen’s CVT rims, with a 22-inch size chosen for the development. This is Vossen’s latest wheel development, so it was only natural that they chose it for the S-Class. This car features the AMG Adaptive Sport Suspension which adjusts the standard AIRMATIC suspension.


To put it in Vossen’s words: “Featuring a true directional design with four separate molds which enables the driver or passenger side to twist in the same or opposite directions. The CVT seems destined to fit on the S63”. The CVT requires four molds, rather than the typical 1 or 2 molds for standard cast wheels.


The CVT’s sleek, unconventional design sets it apart from virtually everything on the road. Available in a metallic gloss silver finish created exclusively for this model, designed to give the feel of constant motion.


The rims come in Metallic Gloss Silver matches the window surround trim, as well as the lower front and rear fascia’s of the S63 AMG. What’s more, Vossen’s take on the car also comes with wider rear tires measuring 295/30/20. The CVT is a light-weight, low pressure, staggered directional one-piece cast wheel. It is offered in 20″ and 22″ diameters.

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